My Story


Melanie Corona CAHP®

Through my own holistic journey, 

I found methods to improve my  quality of life naturally. 

When traditional medication and therapies weren't helping me in the way that I needed,  I began searching for alternatives that would not leave me feeling sick and unwell.  

I discovered that true healing isn't just a prescription away. 

Complete healing comes when we address the mental, emotional & energetic body as well.  

Through my own positive experience, 

I decided that I want to help others to reach optimal wellness. Thus, my training in Essential Oil Therapy and 

Energy Healing began in 2017.

Certified Health Aromatherapy Practitioner CAHP® 

Healing Fragrances School 

of Aromatherapy 

Professional Member / Board of Directors 

CFA - Canadian Federation of Aromatherapist

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 Usui Reiki Master Teacher

Cedar Cove Wellness 

Practice & teach Usui Reiki. 

Professional Affiliation